Miserable Catch 22

I am currently ill with a thyroid condition without a doctor. I am running out of my low dose prescription.   In order to get to a doctor who will prescribe me an optimal dose of medicine, I need money. I need to be able to pay for tests and visits.  But in order to get money for treatment, I need a job. I am too ill to work , and have since quit my job. 

It’s a miserable catch 22 and I don’t know what to do.  I feel so at a lost right now.  There are good doctors out there, I just know it. I know what is wrong with me, I know now where to look. A good thing right? But now I do not have  a doctor who will treat me. OR even a doctor who will test my FT3 and FT4 levels.  I know this because I currently asked my general practitioner if she would be willing to do this until I found a doctor, Her response? Continue seeing your endocrinologist. Which makes her an A Class idiot because she knows darn well that he is currently my FORMER endocrinologist.  She won’t even help me? The one doctor I can currently afford. What gives?  The more I learn about thyroid disease, the more I wonder how anyone ever gets better. There are too many conservative doctors. They are so afraid of doing anything other than the TSH test.

Man oh man, I have been looking for 7 years trying to diagnose my illness.  It is finally figured out AND now I can’t get treatment.  I can’t put into words the frustration and sadness I am feeling right now. This is suppose to be a happy time in my life. I should be healing and progressing and eventually feeling better. Not to be.

It looks like I will be living life forever on this miserable branch. Can’t I ever fly around like all the other birds?


What do I do?