Carving Out Some Fun

Hello there Peeps!

Today, as I sit in my pajamas in the afternoon, I am remembering some of the  fun times I have had recently. Sometimes when I am feeling particularly ill, like today, it boosts my spirits to think of moments in my life where I was able to push pass the exhaustion and have some fun!  Today is definitely one of those days. So I thought I would share an event from this past summer where I was able to carve out some joy and forget I was sick.  Warning: there are plenty of pictures!

FYI- As you read this, just know that I was utterly and completely terrified. It was at this time I was on a new dose of thyroid medicine, and I was unsure how my body would react. I was also just anxious to be out and about, instead of cozied up in my favorite chair.  This was a 3 hour drive from my house, and also an expected physical strain. We would be walking, and walking and walking- from the cars parked way out in the field, to the venue filled with thousands of people. I was feeling weak and incapable. I did not want a sick episode around so many people. But I did it! And it was a success! It took great effort, periods of rest when everyone was singing and dancing, and my lovely sisters to support and help me, but I did it! And guys, it was the most amazing weekend I have ever had!

It was July of this past summer, and I was setting off for a two day concert in Hershey Pennsylvania- The sweetest place on earth! This was  my twin sister’s   ( yes I have one of those) graduation gift to our friend, Monica. As it so happens, Monica is the best friend of our sister Jenna. So together, we made a lovely foursome.

It was a warm and sunny Friday afternoon, and we were on our way to The Mixtape Music Festival, brought to Hershey by VH1.

Me and my red headed twin in the front seat, Jenna and the graduation girl in the back

Me and my red headed twin in the front seat, Jenna and the graduation girl in the back

Three hours later, a few miles of walking, and locating our seats, and we were in!

mixtape4 mixtape2

This was the two day lineup:

Obviously, with all this good music to look forward to, we were stoked. I have love in my heart for most of these bands.But I especially was dying to see The Script. Those Irish boys can turn a heart into love puddles. This would be my first time seeing them live, so that alone pepped me up and kept my energy churning!

During this first day, something amazing happened. My twin sister saw and met Jim Shearer. This was huge! He is the host of VH1’s Top Twenty, in case you didn’t know this. So seeing him officially made it VH1 baby!

Brittany and Jim Shearer!

Brittany and Jim Shearer!

After the first day we were exhausted. Me more so than everyone else unfortunately. But we were able to make our way to the Hotel. We would be here for two nights, so it was time to get cozy!


Playing footsie with tired tootsies

Playing footsie with tired tootsies

Saturday, day two, led us onto the streets to find a late breakfast before we got to HersheyPark Stadium.. Seeing ” Gingerbread” in the title automatically got me excited, so we went here:


And guys, we were the only ones. Turns out, before noon, this place is dead. Everyone comes here for the beer and the good greasy things later. So our breakfast looked like this :

Nachos with beer cheese ( my gluten free dish, I was not yet dairy free)

Nachos with beer cheese ( my gluten free dish, I was not yet dairy free)

And everyone else got a burger, which very cutely came with a Gingerbread Man.  Cute!

And everyone else got a burger, which very cutely came with a Gingerbread Man. Cute!

Not ordinary. But delicious!

Back at that  Stadium, the rain came pouring down. That’s right. Torrential style. And because this event was rain or shine, we bought some ponchos and continued on.


That was of course until it started to actually storm. The lightning abruptly halted the concert, and Emblem3 announced that we had to go under the bleachers until the storm stopped. This was not a fun 2 hours. My feet hurt from standing so long, and I became very weak. But we eventually found seating in a nearby hockey arena.

Brittany and Jenna chillin' in the hockey arena. Get it? Chillin'? :)

Brittany and Jenna chillin’ in the hockey arena. Get it? Chillin’? 🙂

Eventually the lightning ban was lifted, the rain stopped, and the concert went on as if nothing happened. Before nightfall, a photographer saw Jenna and Monica sporting some homemade Emblem3 t-shirts. So they were photographed and put in the newspaper as  ” Best Homemade Emblem3.”emblem3-frontjpg-3462c8f91140c8a2

" I'm a Chloe"

” I’m a Chloe”

I’ll tell you that seeing TLC was huge. HUGE. This was their first performance since Left Eye died in a tragic accident, about 10 years prior. We felt honored to witness this. It was like we were part of music history.The whole stadium was jumping, and I have never had so much fun singing “Waterfalls”. Apparently Left Eye’s  part in this song is written on her tombstone. And they included her singing  this part during the performance. It was truly beautiful. Everyone lit up their phones and remembered her.


The finale of the event was NKOTB. And what a finale it was! Our hearts raced, and even our feet, as we rushed to meet Joey out in the crowd.  Me and Monica got to graze him. He definitely has ” the right stuff.” 🙂


And what do all girls do when they are back at the hotel on their last night? That’s right, take pictures!


I like to photobomb

I like to photo bomb


This was an amazing weekend. I was so glad I pushed myself, because there was a fleeting moment I wasn’t going to attend. It would have been easier, and safer for me to just stay home.  But I am glad I did it. Today, as I sit writing this, I wonder how I had the strength to do it back then, because I am definitely feeling weak today. But this reminds me, that maybe, just maybe, I will be strong enough once again.

If you guys can, push yourselves to do something new. Although tough on sick bodies, it’s good for the soul.

I also made a video. Something for us all four to remember as we get older. A reminder of a beautiful summer weekend. I will insert this in a post of it’s own. Look for it!

Stay Healthy! -Nicole 🙂


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